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Everyone Loves Records! We Sell Records!
It’s a Match Made In Heaven!

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Shop Rarities, Hidden Gems, and More!

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Rattleback Records is a unique music store offering a myriad selection of new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, movies and more.

You’ll also find everything you need to accessorize your music lounge, including vintage barware, books, posters and art prints. Our stock is continually changing, so be sure to shop our store early and often so as not to miss out on that hidden gem you’ve been searching for; or the one you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it!

Rattleback Records is the culmination of a lifelong love of music and vintage treasures. Be sure to stop in to the store to chat about your favorite artist, whether it’s the Grateful Dead, the Dead Kennedys, or Dead Can Dance. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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5405 N Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

Rattleback Records Gift Pack!

You Know Someone Who Loves Records! We Sell Records! It’s a Match Made In Heaven!

In addition to the chosen option below, each Gift Pack will include a Rattleback Records refrigerator magnet, a Rattleback Records sticker, a mystery vinyl record, and a 10% Off Rattleback Records coupon. Plus, we’ll bag everything up for you and put a bow on it! What are you waiting for?

Pack 1 – ($25 Rattleback Records Gift Card) = $25.00
Pack 2 – ($25 Rattleback Records Gift Card + a Vinyl Cleaning Kit) = $50.00
Pack 3 – ($25 Rattleback Records Gift Card + a Rattleback Records T-Shirt) = $50.00
Pack 4 – ($25 Rattleback Records Gift Card + a Vinyl Cleaning Kit + a Rattleback Records T-Shirt) = $75.00

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Curate: Wanna get into Jazz but don’t know where to start? Looking for “something in the vein of Slayer”? We’re happy to use our vast endless plethora of knowledge to curate a playlist of recommendations for you!

Use our Google form to submit your requests and we’ll email you an invoice to pay online. Orders can be picked up in-store or shipped directly to you. If you have submitted a request and have not hear back, please call the store directly for assistance.

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So far, I’ve been introduced to music I would never have found otherwise. It’s been exactly what I’ve been looking for.

— Matt S. 

It’s an excellent little surprise each month and the picks have been great so far!

— Josh H. 

I really appreciate that the records have gotten more and more tailored to my tastes as I have continued with the Record Club.  I really appreciate that y’all have taken feedback and adjusted based on learning more about what I’m into!

— Jibreel P. 

It’s fun to get a nice surprise opening the bags when we collect each month’s selection! So far we have enjoyed all the picks, and they have nicely added to the diversity and depth of our collection.

— Regan T. 

Please keep doing what you’re doing! You’re thoughtful picks and hard work have not gone unnoticed.

— Simon F. 

Love the selections this month! It’s so funny–our 3-year-old is obsessed with the Pixar movie Cars and we have it on repeat with Alexa. The thing is if you don’t say the word “soundtrack” you get the Gary Numan song, so we never get to listen to it because it’s not the “right one” according to her. We’re glad to see that song on the 80’s album!

— Meredith H.