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Join us as May 27th from 12-2 PM as we welcome local author and music historian Mark Guarino as he tells us about his new book Country and Midwestern: Chicago in the history of Country Music and the Folk Revival. Immediately following the talk and signing, there will be a live performance by local country artist Lawerence Peters. 

From the author:

“The book is the first to document a nearly 100-year history of country and folk music in Chicago. I’m extremely proud of contributing to a new and (oddly) little-known chapter of the city’s deep cultural history. This project began as a whim — “why isn’t there a book about all of this great music?” I naively asked myself nearly 20 years ago — and about 10 years ago that whim turned into a gateway that led me people, clubs, record labels, and individuals who now live in these pages.

I am thrilled to bring them together in a single volume that will represent a historical record of this music, hopefully affirm Chicago’s important role in the development of country and folk music, and maybe even inspire people beyond me to research and write about variants this book introduces that are worthy of future and deeper exploration.

I am also pleased that Grammy-nominated songwriter Robbie Fulks wrote the foreword. The great songwriter, musician, and painter Jon Langford produced the cover art. See below!”

The first hour of the event will be a private, ticketed event. The live performance by Lawerence Peters will be open to the public.